Starting at the base of every societal startup. What problem are you trying to solve?

There is a gap when it comes to gender and social background among engineering students in Sweden. Diversity among engineers is important for the tech industry and helps innovation. Therefore, we need to increase diversity among engineering students. In addition, we will need more engineers here in Sweden the upcoming years.

How are you going to solve this? What is your idea?

We are using the power of storytelling to reach all kids in Sweden aged 5-9 years old. We have created a children’s book (first in a series) and a character named Inga Ingenjör (Inga the Engineer). We introduce science, tech and engineering in a very appealing way.

What impact do you hope to have?

We are currently introducing engineering to kids from all backgrounds. We get constantly positive feedback from children, parents, librarians, teachers and engineers having read the book. We know that Inga Ingenjör inspires kids. And that was the impact that we wanted to create and were working for during the two years of development of our book and concepts is happening right now.

However, we still have just reached out to 2 percent of our target group. So, we are currently searching for ways to reach out further. And we hope to reach all kids in Sweden within 5 years.

Focusing more on your team. Who are you? What is your background?

We met during our studies at Lund University Faculty of Engineering. Andrea is an engineer and Malin is an industrial designer. We are passioned about science communication, innovation and love to contribute to other people’s wellbeing.

Why did you become societal entrepreneurs? Or really, why do you do what you do?

We have noticed the bias among technical students during our studies and decided to do something to help the technical faculty to recruit from a broader group of youngsters. In addition, we have a lot of experience working with children and we love to work in creative projects.

If you had one advice to give to other social entrepreneurs, what would it be? 

Start to create value by doing, instead of just talking and thinking.

If I as a reader want to engage or help you reach your goals of impact. How can I do so? Is there any way to help at this stage?

You can find our book, in Swedish, and give it away to a kid or school that you know. If you have the possibility to help us with marketing the books in Sweden we would be happy.

Photos by Amanda Westin