We are very happy to announce that SoPact and Qlik will come together in a collaboration on development and implementation of Impact Metrics for social entrepreneurs participating starting from the #3 accelerator program offered by SoPact.

Usually, when traditional investors are evaluating business success, they do it in terms of monetary gains. As a social entrepreneur one of the expressed objectives is to create a positive impact on society rather than only focusing on profits. To measure impact in other terms than money is often seen as next to impossible. One framework used for defining impact is the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals are also tightly connected to the main objective of this collaboration; namely to create a streamlined method for social entrepreneurs to implement impact metrics for tracking how they influence the 17 Social Development Goals defined by the United Nations. Click here to read more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Qlik is currently helping organizations such as the United Nations, The Church of Sweden and Doctors Without Borders with visualization of impact metrics, and in addition to their market leading software Qlik will provide dedicated mentors to all startups admitted to SoPact. Qlik was recently selected as one of the Top Ten Companies for Social Good in 2017 by Fast Company Magazine.

The power of what we do is not about the data, it is what data does for people. We at Qlik are incredibly honored to be recognized as an innovator for social good, and want to pass along the recognition to our customers and partners who help us push the boundaries of our own innovation every day

Lars Björk, Qlik Chief Executive Officer.

Moreover, the collaboration will be further augmented by Normative.io, a local startup focusing on impact assessment automation. Normative is the first and only software capable of automatically assessing a company’s social and environmental impact by analysing the transactions in their bookkeeping records. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is  for companies to spend less time on numbers and more on building a sustainable businesses – which we here at SoPact think is fantastic.

It is our aim to develop and publish a practical tool for locating and communicating impact indicators – not just for the startups participating in the SoPact accelerator program, but for all Social Entrepreneurs.

– Peter Løvschall, Manager, SoPact

The deadline for applications to the #3 SoPact Accelerator Program is on the 20th of March and the program starts the 2nd of April. Read more about it here or apply now!




Qlik: Julie Whipple, Global Director, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility,

SoPact: Peter Løvschall, Accelerator Manager, +46 72 527 1984,

Normative: Kristian Rönn, CEO, +46 70 601 1172,