The core of what we want to accomplish with SoPact is to help social entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their social impact. What this means is that the single most important thing we look for in a startup is the social impact, what good they can do for the world.


While this is the third program we have hosted, it is the first from our new office in Helsingborg. Together with Mindpark, THINK Open Space, and others, we are in for perhaps the most intense and exciting accelerator program yet. That being said, we are extremely happy to announce the six startups that will be attending SoPact AP3 and what social impact they will bring to the world. Proudly presenting:


Chaordic Lab – Helps organisations move faster towards sustainability by connecting solutions with challenges through a global innovation platform.


Connect 2 Colombia – Connects european technology, investors and technology with people in need in Colombia in order to have a positive climate and social impact.


Medvetna val –  a model for raising awareness of the possibility of the choices you make in your everyday life, and empowers you with the ability to make them.


I Am Fashion – Integrates newly arrived Swedes through fashion and culture to prevent alienation and help create an inclusive society everyone.


OIKOS HUBConnects people in need with people with the right resources to create a life in dignity. This is done by coordinating official instances to ease the burden for the individual as well as the workload for the institutions.


Xamayca Treatz – Promotes a healthy and sustainable vegetarian and vegan Jamaican food culture in Sweden by catering and social events.