After three intense months filled with development, networking and pitching, the third SoPact accelerator program has now come to an end.

We have had the pleasure of getting to know a bunch of amazing people with great ideas – ranging all the way from free and accessible education to sustainable Jamaican fast food.

BootCamp at Skanör


Highlights of these three months has been our Bootcamp where we all got to meet for the first time and working on the ideas and the progress of each startup participating in the accelerator program. See all photos on Flickr

Pitching for politicians

Political visit

During the Accelerator Program #3 we also had the startups pitching and networking with the two Swedish politicians Kent Härstedt and Niklas Karlsson.

Skåne Innovation Week

Nicholas Hawtin

At a public event during Skåne Innovation Week, we had the fantastic opportunity of hosting a workshop with the pitch master of Copenhagen, Nicholas Hawtin. See more photos on Flickr

Grand opening of Malmö Sustainability Center

Malmö Sustainability Center Grand Opening

The 9th of June SoPact were at the grand opening for Malmö Sustainability Center and the startups had to once again practice their pitching skills. Big congratulations to Kerstin Mühlow for the opening! See more photos on Flickr

Julie Whipple, Qlik

Throughout the accelerator program, we’ve had continuous and valuable online sessions on defining and visualising impact metrics with with Julie Whipple, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility,

Impact Day


The 20th of June, Accelerator Program #3 culminated in the final pitch for the startups at Impact Day which was held at Think Open Space in Helsingborg. We had the pleasure of welcoming three great speakers for this day:

  • PALLE LUNDBERG, Stadsdirektör, Helsingborg Stad
  • JULIE WHIPPLE, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility,

See more photos from Impact Day

We want to thank everybody who has been a part of making this accelerator program the best program yet in many aspects and of course, the greatest thanks goes out to our amazing startups:

SoPact will again open for applications for Accelerator Program #4 later this summer. The program will run from October to December 2017.

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