After an intense selection process with 85 applicants for the first round of SoPact we are now proud to present this spring’s SoPact’ers – seven passionate startups ranging in both ideas and backgrounds. A group of people growing ideas that really matter.

Being in the selection process, finding a group that will not only be in it for the long run themselves, but that will also contribute to each other’s growth was important to us and we truly believe that’s what we’ve found here. We are very proud to see these seven ventures onboard and we couldn’t be more excited to get to know them and see their progress and impact the upcoming months.

We’re not going to keep it from you any longer; it’s time to present our beautiful SoPact’ers. Here they are:

Bygdens Saluhall is developing a web based tool and a working model, to help local food producers and consumers connect, with a possibility of making long term relationships and creating a vibrant, resilient and abundant food system, without the middle man.

PlanM is developing smart mobility solutions to help real estate owners to be sustainable, equal and site efficient with change management and physical measures.

Malmö community currency (Malmö Lokalvaluta) is developing a local economic program which will strengthen the local community by strengthening local business and their possibility for economic growth and stability by using a complementary currency that is circulating between the local businesses themselves, Malmö’s citizens and Malmö municipality (Malmö stad). Outdoor adventures powered by local people. weAdventure is a marketplace which allows instructors and guides to sell outdoor adventures online, with a focus on empowering people in developing countries. (Originally called Zafarya)

 “What if…” is developing a multi lingual interactive digital media platform to help media consumers (primary target group urbanized 25-45 yearlings) to regain engagement and the common narrative and context, and also to strengthen democracy and diversity by publishing constructive news and stories with focus on creative solutions and new ways to meet challenges, linked to scientific research using multidisciplinary competences and methods of storytelling influenced by creative sectors such as the game industry.

Electronicsmix is developing services in electronics – such as reparations, workshops and Do-It-Yourself courses – to individuals, schools, and companies to make sure that electronics that could work with minor repairs don’t get thrown away, all done in a fun and financially stable way.

Grönhusen is developing financially, environmentally and socially sustainable greenhouse properties to help small businesses and private residence tenants create a climate-neutral lifestyle.

The next three months are going to be really exciting. Keep track on what happens when we unleash the power of SoPact! 

Photo by Amanda Westin