Having a good idea is one thing, knowing how to present it is something else. To make sure our SoPact’ers are ready to pitch when an opportunity comes along we started week 2 off with pitch training.

Nick Hawtin – co-founder of Capital2Grow, consultant at Minc, mentor at Startupbootcamp, to mention only a few of his accomplishments – came in to give the SoPact’ers some valuable advice on their pitches. The most important one being – always, always, always adjust your pitch based on who you are talking with.

He also gave our SoPact’ers a 30 seconds challenge. To describe their startup in no more than 7 words. And now we pass the challenge along – can you do it? Let us hear your 7 word pitch in the comments below!

Pitch training Pitch trainingPitch training Pitch training  Pitch training

Photos by Amanda Westin