After a few intense weeks with a lot of new impressions and tools, this week started out with some valuable time for reflection and everyday work in the startups. However, not for too long. Since Wednesday, we are back in the SoPact cave continuing to fill the toolbox.

Thanks to Sigeman & Co, our SoPact’ers got a legal overview, focused on corporate law and different company forms. Apart from being an informative talk with important advice moving forward, we had the chance to talk about the challenges and opportunities opening up to social startups in being creative an thinking outside the box when it comes to company form. This overview will be followed by 1on1 legal session for all the startups in June where they will get more in depth advice and a chance to bounce ideas and get answers to all their legal questions.

Moving on to Thursday, the focus shifted towards productivity. Carl-Henric Nilsson from Kunskapspartner talked both about how to get things done, and about how to prioritize what to do and when. Giving our startup a chance to reflect on what is important to them as well as handing over a large number of tools, ranging from digital solutions to planning challenges to models for prioritizing, the workshop gave room for both new insights and interesting discussions.


Photos by Amanda Westin.