What do you need to have the next great conversation?

Moving into this week, we also moved into what we like to call Meet the Market May. The month where the focus is on meeting people, validating ideas, and talking to potential stakeholders. To put emphasis on this step we brought in two truly amazing advisors: Kate Hammer and Camille Duran.

With two full days with the SoPact’ers Kate and Camille had a wide focus talking about things such as story forming, how to get things done, and facing the fears of entrepreneurs. Giving individual coaching as well as facilitating trainings for the whole group, safe to say the last few days were highly valuable.

As a grand finale Kate hosted an open workshop handing out a large number of tools helping change makers make an even bigger dent in the world. Knowing how to tell the story of your startup or initiative, having the ability to craft powerful and intriguing questions, and giving help to your imagination through different stimulus were some of the lessons learned over two interactive and inspiring hours.

Going back to the initial question, this was one of the key insights brought forward during the two days. Being in a startup, having things being perfect doesn’t have to be the goal. By focusing on the end rather than the means to it, the question “what do you need to have the next great conversation?” could be a way to find your way around the pressure of doing what might not be the most effective thing right now. And let me tell you, the last days were filled with great conversations, an inspiring and colorful week at SoPact opening the door for many more great conversations to come.

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Photos by Amanda Westin