To give you a chance to get to know all of the startups a bit better, we asked them some questions. Meet Malmö Lokalvaluta! 

Starting at the base of every societal startup. What problem are you trying to solve?

Jobs and monoculture: Local businesses are closing down and local jobs are moving out of the region because of too strong competition from large chain stores and global corporations.
Information: People don’t know which places, companies and products that are local. They often want to support the local economy but don’t know how.
Transport & Environment: Goods are being transported long distances to reach a local market. This creates inefficiency and an increased CO2 footprint and an unnecessary use of fossil fuels.
Self-sustainability: There is a lack of locally and sustainable produced food.
Knowledge: People often have a distorted view of how their patterns of consumption affect the environment, society and economy in an adverse way.

How are you going to solve this? What is your idea?

Through the means of a community currency and a strong local network, we want to create a strong economic, social and environmentally sustainable city and a local community that connects people, business and municipality.

What impact do you hope to have?

Secure jobs, create more business opportunities for local companies. Change of consumption patterns, promote local, organic and sustainable food and products. Less CO2 emissions. Closer relationships between people, business and municipality of Malmö. A more healthy, happy and thriving city.

Focusing more on your team. Who are you? What is your background?

We are Tina & Christopher
We are two people with an interest in creating a more beautiful and friendly world, starting at a local level.
Since the the titles of mr. and ms. Universe was already taken we decided to apply to SoPact instead to accelerate and make this idea become reality.
We met through participating in the Theory-U hub here in Malmö where our mutual belief in the power of making positive impact through the means of community currencies, localization and social and sustainable innovation led us to start this journey.

Now a few weeks into the accelerator program. Why did you apply for SoPact?

We wanted to be part of a powerful dynamic environment, an accelerated learning journey and at the same time be part of a diverse and inspiring team all working for greater good.

What have you learned so far that you want to share with other societal entrepreneurs?

Think hard and long about your purpose and driving force. Formulate clearly what problem you are helping to solve. Find the tools and unique way of working that fits you. Sopact have introduced us to a variety of different tools that has helped us to further develop and refine our project.

If I as a reader want to engage or help you reach your goals of impact. How can I do so? Is there any way to help at this stage?

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you want to engage and help make Malmö become the first large city in Scandinavia with its own local currency.

Contact us through SoPact or our Facebook page:
Malmö Lokalvaluta intresse- och arbetsgrupp

Photo by Amanda Westin